BumbleCraft formula. Introducing the state regulations page for BumbleCraft

BumbleCraft formula. Introducing the state regulations page for BumbleCraft

BumbleCraft formula. Introducing the state regulations page for BumbleCraft

Introducing the Official regulations page for BumbleCraft, here you can use our very own standard circle principles and Discord procedures. Failing woefully to heed these punishments will result in one of many listed punishments. Please note that team can punish for offences maybe not listed here, that formula connect with all customers regarding circle regardless of their unique role. When you yourself have located a rule breaker be sure to submit them inside our Discord by pressing the Discord Icon on top of this great site. We try our very own best to hold BumbleCraft as well as comfortable for every people.

Please be aware: you’re held responsible for what happens in your levels.

BumbleCraft primarily concentrates around and hosts a gathering of 16+ kindly be aware of this before linking to our circle.

Important Servers Principles

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  • Bombarding [3+ Different Messages]Warning, 30 Minute TempMute.
  • KeySpam [7+ Characters]Warning, half hour TempMute.
  • Intimidation, Player Disrespect & NSFW6 Hours TempMute, 12 Hours TempMute.
  • Racism, Homophobia & TransphobiaPermanent Bar.
  • Griefing & Stealing30 Time TempBan, Permanent Bar.
  • Personnel Disrespect1 Hours TempMute, 3 Hr TempMute.
  • AdvertisingPermanent bar.
  • Home Promotion14 Time TempMute.
  • Unjust Advantages30 Day TempBan.
  • Skipping PunishmentsPermanent IP-Ban.
  • Non-English SpeakingVerbal Warning, 15 Instant TempMute, 45 Minute TempMute.
  • Fighting & Drama DiscussionWarning, half hour TempMute, 60 minutes TempMute.
  • Inappropriate Usernames & SkinsPermanent Ban (Attraction When Changed).
  • Political & spiritual DiscussionsWarning, 15 instant TempMute, 45 instant TempMute.
  • Declining to Leave a Location1 time bar (If Reported).
  • Inappropriate Builds14 Day TempBan, Everlasting Bar.
  • Inappropriate Product NamesWarning, Object Deleted, 1 Day Ban.
  • DOX, Swat & DDoS Discussions & Dying ThreatsPermanent Bar.
  • Duping DiscussionsPermanent Ban.
  • Lag Maker DiscussionPermanent Ban.
  • Disability SlursPermanent bar.
  • Dubious LinksPermanent Ban.
  • PaedophiliaPermanent bar.
  • Small Homophobia6 Hours TempMute, 12 Hr TempMute, 1 Day Mute.
  • Tip busting EncouragementPunished for motivated guideline to be broken.
  • Inducing Topics6 Hours TempMute, 12 Time TempMute, one day Mute.
  • Sexism1 Hour TempMute, 3 Time TempMute.
  • Talking about PunishmentsCaution, 30 Minute TempMute, an hour TempMute.
  • ing Players7 Day TempBan, 14 time TempBan, thirty day TempBan.
  • TrollingPermanent Ban.
  • Insect Abuse/Glitch AbusePermanent Ban.
  • Tp Killing / Lava Killing / PvP Off Killing7 time Ban, 14 time bar, 30 Day bar.
  • Staff members ImpersonationWarning, one day Bar, 7 Time Ban, Permanent Bar.
  • Sexual HarassmentPermanent bar.
  • Life Take Distinct Formula

    On all of our lives acquire domain a number of the international servers regulations try not to implement.1. TP Killing are Granted.2. Griefing is Allowed.3. Taking was granted.4. ing was Allowed.5. Alt Grinding is certainly not allowed.

    Discord Servers Policies

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  • Bullying & DisrespectWarning, 3 Hr TempMute.
  • Non English SpeakingWarning, 3 Time TempMute.
  • Inappropriate Login Name & AvatarKicked, Fixed Ban.
  • Inappropriate Messages6 Hr TempMute, 12 Hr TempMute, Everlasting Mute.
  • Marketing and advertising, DM Advertising & Personal PromotionPermanent Bar.
  • Irrelevant Hyperlinks & Connect Bypass6 Hr Mute, 12 Hr Mute, Everlasting Mute.
  • Racism, Homophobia & TransphobiaPermanent Ban.
  • Staff Disrespect1 Time TempMute, 3 Hr TempMute.
  • Screenshare AbuseWarning, Kicked, Everlasting Ban.
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  • TrollingPermanent Ban.
  • Suspicious LinksPermanent Ban.
  • Disability Slurs & CommentsPermanent Bar.
  • Small Homophobia6 Hours TempMute, 12 Time TempMute, one day TempMute.
  • Causing Topics6 Time TempMute, 12 Hour TempMute, 1 Day Mute.
  • Talking about PunishmentsCaution, 30 Minute TempMute, one hour TempMute.
  • Ideas AbuseWarning, Kicked, Lasting Bar.
  • Staff members ImpersonationWarning, Kicked, Fixed Ban.
  • DOX, Swat & DDoS Conversations & Passing ThreatsPermanent Ban.
  • BumbleCraft tale

    BumbleCraft system were only available in 2016 as limited and hopeful SMP Server. Promoting a secure and inviting room when it comes down to LGBTQIA+ Community we pride our selves in getting the largest LGBTQIA+ Community with a wide range of gamemodes including EarthSMP, OneBlock, Squid Games, SkyLands & More!

    Societal Website Links

  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • BumbleCraft shop

    BumbleCraft community supplies a play to winnings gameplay experiences for the amazing area although we create offer many bundles available for purchase to support our circle. This consists of ranking, labels, sets, important factors and more. All donations directly fund revisions and servers preservation to guide all of our amazing society.

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