HOMOSEXUALITY IN KOREA: Korean Celebrities, Gay Idols and more

HOMOSEXUALITY IN KOREA: Korean Celebrities, Gay Idols and more

HOMOSEXUALITY IN KOREA: Korean Celebrities, Gay Idols and more

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These days I became thinking quite a bit concerning LGBT society in Korea and superstars who are covertly homosexual, therefore I decided to get this to blogs and discu somewhat regarding it.


First i’d like to highlight that i am right and that I happen encouraging LGBT legal rights for a really number of years now and I also still manage, making this all my opinion, vista and thinking!

(Since im maybe not Korean and that I do not live in Korea i can only have my sources from Korean youtubers or generally net)

Homosexuality in Korea:

Some of you most likely think that homosexuality in Korea is simply as usual as with other areas (like US) however kinda difficult.

To start with, homosexuality had been a “taboo” phrase in Korea however a lot more people accept they. Despite the fact that your older generation doesn’t like or accept it yet, little people are more tolerant!

Even if Koreans got her Gay Parade, i’ve seen on a video clip a large number of parents sat in the center of the street praying and ceased the entire procession.

Becoming gay in Korea is in fact really hard (and method much harder than any some other country) because i’ve see many instances when gay people’s parents ended talking-to kids as well as knocked all of them out. Taking walks across the street could be excessively streful as a result of the citizens exactly who continuously judge an such like therefore the only choice they’ve is always to hide their real selves.

Despite all that, there is one spot where LGBT neighborhood in Korea are on their own appreciate their unique independence! And this put is known as ‘Homo mountain’, in which you can find shops,restaurants,clubs,pubs, accommodations etcetera.

I suggest you watching both of these videos by the way:

Hong Seok Cheon:

Hong Seok Cheon(today Tony Hong) is considered to be THE character model for so many LBGT folks in Korean and then he possess so-so a lot of friends who’re well-known korean a-listers.

The reason is because he is THE MOST IMPORTANT Korean celebrity to recover from the cabinet ever before!

Back when the guy had previously been a comedian(2000),he confeed that he’s homosexual on TV, plus if editors made an effort to take it out, Seok Cheon don’t cool off. After being released though he forgotten EVERY THING.

They discharged him from all of the television training he had been part of, he had beenn’t allowed to be on tv or radio, he was getting passing risks and bullying from netizens and he also was required to offer their residence to exist.

In 2002, and even though the guy wanted to create, he decided to stay in Korea in which the guy begun 1st cafe. Today the guy possesses and runs 9 diners (YE) and then he can an actor!

Now this really is a sad tale.

Kim Ji Ho, per year after he debuted as a product, confeed that he is homosexual on possible tv series labeled as “coming-out” (Tony Hong ended up being the host incidentally).

After his confeion the guy obtained countless mean commentary on their webpage, most of his shows on series were terminated along with his business refuted to renew his contract.

Unfortuitously some period after, the guy hanged themselves at their homes on Oct 6, 2008.

Harisu will be the VERY FIRST actually transgender star and I also envision she actually is married today 🙂 🙂

Filmaker and movie director, Kim Kwang Soo together with partner Kim Seung Hwan!

Amber: Breaking The Stereotypes

Im not saying that emerald is actually homosexual or any such thing, needless to say not! But Amber is in fact one of the really important numbers in Korea from my standpoint.

I was probably speak about feminine guys like Seventeen’s Jeonghan, Nu’est’s Ren etc,but, I made a decision to simply talk about emerald because she compares for herself as well as some other people like their.

Emerald has-been constantly delivering the meage that “you will be gorgeous just the ways you may be” and she was actually never scared to demonstrably say just what she desires to state!

I am so satisfied to-be their fan and im so grateful that we now have so many people promoting and enjoying the lady.

Bromance and Fanservice:

every kpop fan’s really love.

Fanservice and Bromance.

Im not going to lie, in addition love boyxboy and etcetera but i really TRULY dislike how double-faced Korean community try.

I mean, in almost all of the tv shows, you’ll see many different lovable games between two dudes or two women, almost kiing or hugging or whispering sweet what to both.

Today i’d like to want to know one thing.

Will you genuinely believe that there is hook chance for ANY Korean television show allowing sexy skinship between actual homosexual a-listers?

Furthermore, I have found they almost impoible for person not to at least get some emotions or become somewhat passionate as he is constantly carrying out enchanting things with another human being.

Functioning gay “just for enjoyable” is not likely to be alright and that I expect that folks will understand why.

Secretly Gay Superstars:

Homosexual stars DEFINITELY exist and im sure they’re not just a couple of.

Just considering exactly how hard it really is to allow them to secretly protect this type of a giant thing its heartbreaking.

One of the greatest anxieties of all stars try meing up, because if they do, they may miss every thing.

In my opinion that’s simple for just about any people in order to comprehend since also the tiniest scandal or rumor tends to be damaging for an idol.

So what now about yourself?

What might you are doing if you were to find out that the best idol is clearly homosexual?

Ever considered that?

Actually really don’t worry about anything, i best worry about my personal idol’s happine so that the best thing i’d like is them to have what they need within their resides.

In the event that you dont help homosexuality i hope that you will gradually recognize that nothing is peculiar about it which every human these days has a right https://datingmentor.org/escort/surprise/ to be delighted and to take prefer with whoever they want.

I really hope that Korea will gradually accept homosexuality so individuals will eventually manage to inhale and become liked and accepted.

Thanks for reading, i’ll gladly recognize any advice but be sure to don’t be rude and admire my opinion.

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