Rachel: Oh, i’m very sorry, were we creating an 89 year-old woman?

Rachel: Oh, i’m very sorry, were we creating an 89 year-old woman?

Rachel: Oh, i’m very sorry, were we creating an 89 year-old woman?

I’ve completed countless crazy points

——————————————————————————– Phoebe: My new-year’s solution is pilot a commercial aircraft airplanes. Chandler: That’s great Pheebs, today what you need to carry out are pick an airplane load of people who’s solution is always to plummet for their deaths.

——————————————————————————– Ross: they came in the email now, it’s uh, 72 long-stemmed reddish roses, one for each day that I’ve identified and loved Emily, cut up into mulch!

——————————————————————————– Ross: i’ll Asia Monica: Asia? Exactly why? Ross: There is a bone, they desire the bone therefore we have to take the bone over–it’s a huge bone thing.

——————————————————————————– Phoebe: Charlotte? You are aware, aided by the online? This lady has babies, next she dies. It is love, “Hey, mommy, welcome room through the medical facility.” THUD.

——————————————————————————– Phoebe: I think more intimate song could be the the one that Elton John published for this man from “whois the employer?” Monica: Which one ended up being that? Phoebe: you understand, uh, “Hold me better, Tony Danza. “.

——————————————————————————– [Joey is wanting to create Frank Jr. see feeling] Joey: Think it over. You’re 18, she actually is 44. When you’re 36, she’s gonna be 88! Frank Buffay Jr.: you believe I don’t know that?

——————————————————————————– Jill Green: fine, i am leaving! Because I am not browsing invest yet another day with somebody whose out over ruin my every step. That is your Rachel! Rachel: Yeah, I Managed To Get that.

——————————————————————————– [Ross is attempting to perk Chandler up exactly who wont get free from their sweatpants] Ross: C’mon guy, just take em down, just take em down and we also’ll have a blast.

——————————————————————————– Chandler: hello Joey, where create Dutch folks originate from? Joey: Uh.. well the Pennsylvania Dutch result from Pennsylvania. Chandler: as well as the more Dutch come from somewhere close to the Netherlands appropriate? Joey: amazing sample, see the Netherlands so is this make-believe place in which Peter cooking pan and Tinkerbell result from.

——————————————————————————– [Joey and Ross evaluating Chandler in your bathroom stall] Chandler: Joey, I’ll present $ for the underpants! Chandler: you are not using any undies? Joey: Oh, i am getting temperatures from chap during the hot pink thong.

——————————————————————————– [The family sign up for a lesbian wedding ceremony] Joey: All of these lady, and nothin’. Chandler: So now you understand how i’m. The entire world are my personal lesbian wedding.

——————————————————————————– Sandra Greene: You believed I found myself Rachel? Chandler: indeed we did because you take a look therefore pretty. Phoebe: also because you are both, you are sure that, white people.

——————————————————————————– Rachel: [after winning a hands of web based poker. sing-song to Ross] i’ve got funds, and you should never notice it, plus travel’s nonetheless available [pause] Rachel: ha, i generated you appear.

——————————————————————————– [on thanksgiving day] Chandler: very, whenever’s the big video game going to beginning? Phoebe: you don’t need to accomplish that, Ross and Joey aren’t here, you can view the procession.

Joey: Can’t help you, I am not wear any lingerie

——————————————————————————– [Rachel is wanting to stall Monica from getting ready] Rachel: we’ll only come to be a lesbian Monica: https://datingmentor.org/cs/loveagain-recenze/ Any lady might be fortunate to have you

——————————————————————————– [Phoebe was hitting on Chandler] Monica: Oh my personal goodness! She knows about all of us! Chandler: Could You Be severe? Monica: Phoebe is aware of united states and she’s only wanting to freak us around. That is the just reason for this. Chandler: okay. Exactly what about my personal pinchable buttocks and my bulging biceps. SHE IS AWARE THAT!

——————————————————————————– [Rachel try advising a tale of just how she once kissed another girl and Phoebe does not think her] Phoebe: Okay it appears only a little untamed and you’re so. vanilla extract. Rachel: Vanilla? I am not vanilla! What i’m saying is I got intoxicated and married in Las vegas! Phoebe: To Ross.

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