Relationship in Colombia: The Vocabulary of Really Love

Relationship in Colombia: The Vocabulary of Really Love

Relationship in Colombia: The Vocabulary of Really Love

Often enjoys they been mentioned that the ultimate way to boost in a different tongue should starting dating a nearby. There’s, it needs to be mentioned, much fact for this.

Also children which, into the classroom, can hardly feel annoyed to string collectively a defined phrase, suddenly have actually boundless excitement for improving their particular words skill once they chat to men or woman they prefer.

To excel in the wonderful world of relationship, you need to be capable talk reasonably. In the wonderful world of Colombian dating, bad Spanish will not act as much of an aphrodisiac.

Winning another person’s affections calls for one to feel pleasant, funny, complimentary and easy a€“ not one of which is possible in case you are stuttering aside in heavily-accented Spanglish.

To assist you bring your very first steps into the world, we will take a look at a selection of the endless ways that Colombians talk about attraction, dating, acquiring with each other and slipping aside.

Amazing People

Expectations Spanish keeps a load various methods to state somebody (or something like that) are breathtaking or appealing. But most of these become way too serious-sounding used whenever talking among your buddies.

Take, for example, the phrase a€?Ella es bastante bonitaa€?, and is a completely genuine solution to say a€?She is quite beautifula€?. Its tough to imagine a team of men chilling out, drinking some drinks, claiming this about a female. It might be thus conventional it’d really sounds a bit unusual.

Estar buena / estar bueno

a€?Estar buenaa€? has become the most typical phrase that dudes would used to discuss hot babes. Feel warned, though, it is utilized nearly exclusively to talk about anyone, without ever being stated right to their own face. When said directly to a girl, it sounds quite sleazy and defintely won’t be well received.

Ladies sometimes explain appealing people aided by the phrase a€?estar buenoa€?, but once more become extremely unlikely to say this straight to the man’s face. The condition let me reveal less the risk of creating offense a€“ a risk in fact it is, truth be told, all but non-existent a€“ but alternatively it would you need to be a rather complete thing to express. Not quite like claiming to the man a€?your spot or my own?a€?, not past an acceptable limit off they sometimes.

To Colombia?

Well, your do not leave without first becoming a member of my TOTALLY FREE mail program with the good Colombia’s Spanish and slang.

Read most of the best terminology that you’ll have to have fun with locals, but that your books won’t ever educate you on.

Mamacita / Papasito

A great many other very similar terminology to a€?mamacitaa€? and a€?papsitoa€? a€“ like a€?mamasotaa€? / a€?papasotea€?, a€?mamia€? and a€?mamitaa€? a€“ also have mostly equivalent definition.

Each one of these terms and conditions are a little more light-hearted than a€?estar buenaa€? plus some ladies discover they complimentary to-be called a a€?mamacitaa€?. This might be certainly not universal: people find it patronising and inadequate class.

Chimba / chimbita (v.)

A very prominent, if rude, way to explain amazing looking girls. Since a€?chimbaa€? is a slang word for your feminine genitalia, really demonstrably not one particular passionate details, but it’s popular nevertheless.

Two male friends, for instance, might have the next talk: 1. a€?Me dicen que su amiga parece muy bonitaa€? 2. a€?Bonita no, A?es una chimba!a€? (1. a€?I listen to her friend is very prettya€?. 2. a€?She’s not merely quite, she is some ass!a€?).


a€?Pintosoa€? was a label applied to a a€?good looking mana€? (use from the female version, a€?pintosaa€?, is a lot less frequent). Unlike the previous terms and conditions, that are all laden up with sexuality, it is a neutral label that will not indicate the audio speaker was drawn to the person they are making reference to.

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