Stupid Over Cupid will be the 15th episode of the series. They aired on Teletoon in Canada as well as on anime community in the usa

Stupid Over Cupid will be the 15th episode of the series. They aired on Teletoon in Canada as well as on anime community in the usa

Stupid Over Cupid will be the 15th episode of the series. They aired on Teletoon in Canada as well as on anime community in the usa

Nikki, tired of the publicity over romantic days celebration, determines that she’ll invest this romantic days celebration without a romantic date. Meanwhile, Wyatt highlights out about their future date with Serena, and Jonesy deals themselves off as a date.


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    • 1.3 Sub-Plot Two: Auctioning Away Jonesy
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Principal Storyline

Jude is functioning at Stick It whenever Jonesy shows up with a collection of heart-shaped cardboard boxes and begins completing these with chicken. Jude in the beginning concerns Jonesy as to the intent behind this action, however when Jonesy reveals that people buy any such thing on valentine’s as long as its in a heart-shaped package, and proves his point by selling a package of meat to a cowboy, Jude are immediately on-board with Jonesy’s plan. Eventually, Jude was taking care of his or her own perceptions, as as soon as the cowboy comes back to grumble, Jude fibs that pork could be the brand-new development in gift-giving and offers the cowboy a meat bouquet for $30.

After, Jonesy and Jude link up along with the rest regarding company from the huge Squeeze. Truth be told there, Wyatt discloses his big strategies for night to his company: plants, chocolates, and a date at Super excellent grateful Sushi. While Jen and Caitlin tend to be content, Jonesy and Nikki tend to be much less so, while they feel he’s making use of every cliche during the publication on Serena. However, quickly the main topic of dialogue is actually steered to some other big date, as Jonesy asks out Nikki and then be refused because Nikki refuses to date on romantic days celebration anymore as a result of creating way too many poor experience. Because of this, she intends to spend time with Jen and Caitlin on Valentine’s Day–a plan that Jen and Caitlin tend to be eager to abandon during the very first chance for all of them acquiring times.

Sadly for Jen and Caitlin, nobody is interested included, from rugby users to Greeter Gods. Ultimately, they end up combating over Darth, although this discover an instant of quality in which they know that getting together with Nikki try much better than dating Darth. However, neither of those are prepared to run dateless, when Jen pops up with a concept receive them a night out together for the evening, Caitlin is perhaps all too very happy to adhere with Jen’s plan. This is why, Caitlin fakes fainting in front of twist This, even though most people are sidetracked, Jen sneaks into the shop and takes a Jason standee to make use of since their time.

Whenever Nikki sees their own big date, she’s in the beginning skeptical until Caitlin explains that despite being made from cardboard, Jason are sweet, available, and unlikely to say everything foolish. Nikki concedes these details, and soon the trio include collected across the dining table, gorging on junk food and appreciating on their own. To top it-all off, the night will get even better whenever Jonesy gets eager as he’s caught between three awful schedules, allowing girls to view his frustration until Jonesy stops working and pleads Nikki to shop for him.

Nikki believes to take action on terms and conditions advantageous to their, and soon the cluster have Jonesy because their day. Consequently, Jonesy is pushed by their female friends to do anything they demand, and uses the night time in servitude towards them. Despite Jonesy hating the big date, though, the three women have fun, and Nikki admits the following day that she got a great time on Valentine’s Day–even if she is perhaps not ready to kiss Jonesy for this.

Sub-Plot One: Wyatt’s Go Out

Wyatt try employed at Spin This when he knocks over a stack of CD instances. While bent up to pick them up, they are concealed from other countries in the shop by a table, and overhears Serena conversing with Charmaine how she hates soft Valentine’s times. Upon reading this, Wyatt cancels most of the systems the guy made until a conversation with Caitlin and Jen shows to your that Serena might have been lying for Charmaine’s advantage.

Wyatt next anxiously will try and get their reservations back once again, but does not have any success. However, whenever Serena asks your for identity of a group that he starred that she appreciated, he will get an idea, once go out opportunity rolls around he brings Serena something special: a combination CD composed of music from lots of the rings he plays that she loves. Serena is content from this current, as well as go to need a fantastic, pressure-free day on romantic days celebration.

Sub-Plot Two: Auctioning Away Jonesy

When Nikki does not want to day your, Jonesy decides to alternatively auction himself off as a romantic days celebration time toward greatest bidder. Shortly, he could be acquiring hit on from the wants of Blonde revolution Girl and tasty Mummy, and it is appreciating himself up until a dateless Julie comes up and areas a bid of $55, vaulting this lady to reach the top from the field. Upon watching this, Jonesy begins to concern yourself with the sort of female he may bring in, and his fears best deepen when a male cowboy puts a bid at the same time, as he never given that just female were eligible bidders.

Shortly, the field enjoys narrowed to simply two bidders: Julie as well as the cowboy. Whilst gets to be more likely that he’ll have to go on with either Julie or a guy, Jonesy grows more eager, but views salvation facing a fairly lady whoever title the guy does not see. Regrettably for Jonesy, she knows your, because they went on a romantic date as soon as, and the guy never ever known as the lady back. This lady puts a bid, but their purpose is to obtain payback on Jonesy.

With no alternatives left, Jonesy bargains with Nikki to make certain that she’s going to get him. Nikki sooner believes, but draws a pair of concessions out-of your: first of all, Nikki will not have to pay for the price she sets down, and next, Jonesy is going to do every thing Nikki commands for the remainder of the night. Jonesy believes to the terminology, and Nikki walks over and places a worthless quote of $20,000, winning her Jonesy’s services when it comes down to evening–services which she, Jen, and Caitlin make best use of.

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