This post is caused by many years of study, accumulating information, and finally bringing almost everything with each other in a single spot

This post is caused by many years of study, accumulating information, and finally bringing almost everything with each other in a single spot

This post is caused by many years of study, accumulating information, and finally bringing almost everything with each other in a single spot

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It has got grown beyond the actual narrow reason for determining particular alterations in the Vega produced banjo brands, especially the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone, to incorporate whenever term stamps changed. We haven’t tried to complement a date toward serial numbers, but that facts — although at best speculative and rough — can be acquired someplace else, including Mugwumps using the internet. When it comes to collector/scholar, it is important in order to understand whenever changes occured. For your buyer, it is advisable to realize a guitar being sold as “all initial” probably is actually. Certain details here may help.

All of the tailpieces and many regarding the tuners in addition came from Waverly

Initial, it’s important to discover several basic facts. Most the steel parts for nearly most of the East coast banjo producers were given by one team — Waverly Music Products of New York, NY, running a business from prior to the change associated with the 100 years before seventies when they are acquired by Stewart-MacDonald of Athens, OH. I questioned Waverly’s then proprietor, a Mr. Lomb — boy and grandson from the founders, at the beginning of 1970 as he had place the organization on the block. The guy informed me that Waverly, for who he had worked since his pre-teens, had given all of the material parts and add-ons with the banjo manufacturers. Within his workshop he revealed me personally numerous patterns, blades, knowledge, and dies used in putting some walnuts for Vega, Gibson, Bacon, Paramount and all sorts of the typical nuts we associate with the best manufacturers. Waverly in addition generated many, different, stretcher bands, the simple brass hoops useful build rings on cheaper products, several in the elements that gone into the more contemporary build bands. Additionally they made the various boots and hooks, from Cobra hooks utilized on early Fairbanks on contemporary dull and circular hooks. That there happened to be other individuals creating some components was indisputed, but Waverly produced nearly all of it. I don’t know if they produced the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone assemblies or if many of the parts happened to be made locally and assembled at Vega — the most likely scenario.

The likelihood is that Vega couldn’t stamp the serial amounts on a rim until best set-up, just before it actually was ready to be sent. Considering that the rims had been put together independently from the necks, and because Vega generated marketed multiple types (5 string, tenor, electric guitar, mandolin, plectrum, etc.) they makes perfect sense that the serial wide variety wasn’t afixed up until the throat and rim comprise mated. This might explain why some rims have actually devices and specs following opportunity whenever some areas were disountinued. This indicates particularly so when it comes down to previous Vega #7’s and no. 9’s which demonstrably bought in modest amounts, and the assembled rims might sit around for a while. It does not give an explanation for apparent anomolies of label stamps being with serial rates prior to when forecast. Two possible explanations eventually me personally — there may be others. First is in fact a reporting error, but I’ve come across some directly, and already been delivered photo of other individuals. Additional feasible reason might-be that the banjo was returned to the factory, offered an innovative new neck with latest logo design stamp, but numbered with all the old serial quantity. Your thinking about and just about every other aspect connected to this research tend to be welcomed.

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