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We have the system-level e-phys solutions you need to take your research to the next level. From implantable stimulators and recording hardware to precision nerve-cuffs and custom electrodes, we have what you need to make new neuromodulation discoveries.

System-level solutions

Enable your short or long-term studies using our wireless and autonomous stimulation platform.

Custom Designs

Our dedicated design team can create custom nerve-cuffs and paddle arrays to facilitate your specific experiment.

Rapid Turnaround

Get in touch with us about your research goals and begin experimenting in as little as two weeks.

Contact our engineering team with your unique design needs. Contact Us


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Let us help you take your research to the next level.

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Free Cuff Terms and Conditions

  1. By accepting this no cost product sample, you agree to conduct first impressions evaluation within 2 weeks of receiving the sample and a post-surgery evaluation.
  2. You also agree to share pictures and videos of the product in vivo.