Research Products

  • Nerve Stimulation and Recording Telemeters
  • Nerve-cuff Electrodes
  • Planar and Custom Electrodes

Our Research Products

Peripheral nerve stimulation and recording telemeters enable conscious and long-term autonomic and visceral neuromodulation studies.

Nerve-cuff electrodes and conformal surface arrays enable studies on a range of peripheral, cortical, spinal, and other interfaces.

Nerve Stimulation and Recording Telemeters

Nerve Stimulation and Recording Telemeters

Programmable nerve stimulation, recording, and biopotential measurement (ENG, EMG, EEG/EKG).

Implantable stimulation and recording telemeters enable conscious, freely-behaving autonomic studies and organ function readouts.

Implantable wireless devices deliver bi-phasic current pulses (0-5 mA) with pulse widths (10 us-2.5 ms) from 0-1 kHz.  Devices also perform nerve blocking from 1 kHz – 50 kHz.

On-the-fly programming of stimulation patterns is performed through a software graphical interface.

Implantable devices measure electrode impedances.

Device Brochure and Specifications Sheet (PDF)

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Nerve-cuff Electrodes

Start Experimenting in two weeks. Continue for months. Any Nerve. We Promise.

Effortless and consistent chronic attachment to any nerve.  Stretchable wires provide tether-free flexibility for consistent electrode placement on difficult preparations.


  • Precision platinum-iridium electrodes with biocompatible polymers.
  • Lowest profile and volume on the market.
  • Wide range of nerve diameter sizes for immediate shipment.

Get started rapidly. We will provide you with best practice guidelines, surgical tools, and surgical training videos.

Any nerve. Any size. Any species. Nerve diameters from 100 um to 3000 um with larger cuff sizes available upon request.

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Planar and Custom Electrodes

Every experiment is a little bit different.  

Rapid, precise, and robust… challenge us.  Our custom designs have included multi-polar nerve-cuffs, 2-64 contact surface electrodes, active-multiplexed electrodes, and GMP medical-grade electrodes.

Contact our engineers with your custom design needs.

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Wearable Stimulators

Backpack and portable stimulators will help you meet your research needs.

Wireless & rechargeable design for versatile environments. Stimulators for Acute Surgical Settings or Wearable Backpacks. Optimized with 2 stimulation channels and programmable waveforms.

Interfaces with IOS, Android App and PC Browser.


Standard Cuffs

Stimulators, Custom Electrodes